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Words from the Principal – December 2017

December Newsletter

December has arrived and we find ourselves with 3 weeks left of term. The heaviest weeks in school is behind us and we look forward to a break and reloading the batteries for January. I’m sure that you parents are also super busy these weeks; however, you will have several opportunities to share in your child’s life in school over the next weeks. Please coordinate your diary with our – see December Dates later in this newsletter.

We are currently working hard to finding the best solution for Ms Matilda Zetterlund’s maternity leave starting the 3rd week in January. There are several options so far which I am working through. I will send out an email to the parents involved when this is finalised. Matilda has been with the school since the beginning and will be missed. We wish her all the best with the exciting times ahead.

On the first days of school next year, you will receive an email about how to login to our new Interactive School platform, aptly named ‘Skolplattformen’. The teachers have begun their professional development in using this platform and have been pleased with the user-friendly interface and the functionality of the system. The email will go out to the current address given in SchoolSoft. If you know this is incorrect or unsure which address it is; please go into Schoolsoft and update your contact information. During the first week, Mats and I will be available to help parents login etc… All the current information has been migrated over to the new system, so no information will be ‘lost’.

This week we will have an assembly with Oskar Hagdahl, the Head Chef of Futuraskolan, in charge of all food produce and served at all Futuraskolan schools and pre-schools. He will talk to the students about the school lunches, the underlying ethos of the food etc. This will be this Wednesday. Parents are welcome to attend the 8:30 session with the younger students in the lunchroom.

We would LOVE IT if you will join us for our final assembly on Wednesday, December 20th at 8:30 in Hjorthagskyrkan. This assembly involves all students performing in this ca 60 minute programme. Fritids is closed on this day; so students can be collected from the church, go home by themselves (Ropsten train station is close by) or walk with us back to school to leave from there. Please arrange alternatives to Fritids. This is not a religious event; rather us using the Church facilities. Last year’s End of Year assembly was such a warm occasion with a real sense of community!

The Christmas season is upon us and Fritids Club is ready to give back. Join us at our Christmas market, where we will be selling crafts handmade by the Fritids children. This year, we are working with the PTA and Ms Michelle Fraser and her Community Exchange Leadership class, who will be visiting Banquerohan Elementary School in Legazpi, the Philippines. All proceeds will be donated to the school. Craft items are 20kr and up. Bake sale items are 10kr each. Date: FRIDAY, 15th DECEMBER. Time: 15:30 – 16:30. Location: LUNCHROOM December Events

Dec 8th – Nobel Lunch – Celebrating the Nobel Festivities with a Special lunch served at the tables by the teachers. Students encouraged to dress formally!!!

Dec 13th – Lucia Celebrations – 8:30 performance for Grades 0-3 and parents of the Grade 4 students. 9:30 performance for grades 4-9. Class parents welcome to organise a smaller celebration with their class teacher.

Dec 14th – IPC Fair – Lunchroom 15:00 for Parents of Grades 0-6. IMYC Fair – 15:00 in the math/Soc Studies room for Parents of Grades 7-9. Parents Welcome to both events!! Coffee/tea/fika on sale.

Dec 15th – Fritids Christmas Market – 15:30 – 16:30 in the Lunchroom – see advert.

Dec 20th – End of Term Assembly – Hjorthagskyrkan. 8:30 – Start ca 8:45. Finish ca 10:00. Fritids is open in the morning and will walk to the Church ca 8:00. Later in the day it is closed. Grades available via SchoolSoft.

Jan 9th – Tuesday, Back to School –

See when Fritids is open – http://futurafritids.blogspot.se

Thursday, January 18th – Open House At 18:00-20:00 – Erik Dahlbergsgatan 58-62
This is for new or prospective parents to start in August 2018. Current students or parents not expected to attend. I would like some current parents to help by talking to prospective parents about our school. Please let me know if you can help out – English and Swedish speakers welcome.

Some November Highlights;

Grade 1 baking every week.
French students sending and receiving letters from their penpals in Paris.
National tests for Grade 6’s and 9’s.
Welcoming Ms Sheetal Jalan as our new Science teacher.
Our successful visit from Stockholm Stads Miljöförvaltningen.
First meeting this year of Futuraskolan Music teachers in preparation for our Music Festival next year.
Our school’s ‘Looking for Learning’ project amongst our staff and students. This was two full weeks of observations, classroom visits and interviews with students focussing on learning.
Visiting Gymnasiemässan for Grade 9’s
Filming our Christmas video.
Fire drill
Stop! Min kropp project with Grades 1&2.

Kind Regards,