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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

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Welcome to Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm – Bilingual!

Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm – Bilingual offers a bilingual education in Grades F – 9 for families who want their children to become internationally minded and experience a bilingual curriculum in English and Swedish.

Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm – Bilingual is a bilingual school, which means that our students’ lessons are conducted approximately 50% in English and 50% in Swedish. We also make sure that our teachers who work in English and Swedish have their working language as a native language. It is important that the students meet and use both languages ​​daily in different everyday situations, not just during class time.

We follow the Swedish National Curriculum and in addition to that, we also utilize the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in Grades F – 5 and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) in Grades 6-9. With the IPC and IMYC, students are constantly developing and strengthening their skills as well as their knowledge and deeper understandings while broadening their world-wide perspective.

This helps us fulfill our vision of being:

“The best stepping stone for future world citizens.”

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Mike Saphir

+46 (0) 761-36 03 59

Vice Principal

Ferdie Sevilla

+46 (0) 767-23 30 29

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Erik Dahlbergsgatan 58-62, 115 57 Stockholm

What's for lunch?

Fredag - Vecka 38

Chicken Tikka Masala serveras med jasminris & raita
Veggie-bites Tikka Masala serveras med jasminris & raita

Torsdag - Vecka 38

Vegetarisk buffé på East-Med tema Falafel, orientbröd, hummus, baba ganoush, tabbuleh & fatousch

Onsdag - Vecka 38

"Chiles Nationaldag" Pastel di Choclo
Pastel di Choclo på lins- och bönragu

Tisdag - Vecka 38

“Veckans fångst” Ugnsbakad i sauce vertes, serveras med kokt potatis & marinerade medelhavsgrönsaker
Ärt-rödbetsbiff, serveras med sauce vertes, kokt potatis & marinerade medelhavsgrönsaker

Måndag - Vecka 38

"Mexikos National Dag" Mole Poblano Stekt kyckling i kryddig sås på chili & choklad. Serveras med tortilliabröd, majskolv, guacamole & buljongkokt ris